I decided to start this blog because when my partner Dylan came out as gender neutral and began transitioning, there were very few resources available to either of us, especially for me as the partner. As the transition began to slowly take place and Dylan’s identity began to evolve, so too did my identity as a reflection of theirs. I found my own transition quite difficult to comprehend and often felt very alone in this journey. I felt like words that had never been much more than just that, words, suddenly meant more to me- like lesbian, wife, mother. I found myself sad that I suddenly would no longer have a ‘wife’ and that I may no longer be seen as a ‘lesbian’, and this attachment to words made me begin to look more closely at my identity, what it meant and how to preserve my own sense of self within a relationship that was undergoing a huge transition.
Throughout this process I kept looking for resources, for blogs or articles, that validated my feelings, made me feel less alone and gave me tips (whether or not they were of assistance) to help me move through this process, however I found very little of use.

So, after toying with this idea a lot I decided that I would start my own blog and open up the conversations that I wish had been around for me. This is partly a cathartic experience (read selfish…!), partly to explain to my friends and family the journey that Dylan and I have been on, and partly in the hope that one day my voice will help someone else going through this to feel less alone. In this way the blog contains a mixture of explanations, advice, explorations and personal experience.