A couple of months ago I suggested to Dylan that I would love to interview them for my blog, so that their journey was explored and documented alongside mine and our stories could compliment each other. Originally I thought this would be a written post, but then I had the realisation that it would be interesting and fun for both myself and you guys to hear us talk off the cuff about our experiences.

With that in mind I started the She+They Podcast Series. This podcast series will explore gender neutrality from a number of perspectives in order to give depth to the context that Dylan and I have found ourselves in. The first two episodes feature myself and Dylan talking about our journeys. Following on from this I have some exciting podcasts planned where, with the help of some guest speakers, I will widen the net to explore the portrayal of gender diversity in children’s literature, discuss gender from a Christian perspective and discuss the current levels of support and constraint from the Australian Government. With more to come also.

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